The Receptive Life

"We are beggars; this is true." (Martin Luther)

40 Day Meditations

Here’s a current list of meditations from the 40 Day Encounter with Christ (Lent 2016) as well as the 40 Day Journey with Christ (Lent 2014).

I pray that the Holy Spirit will use these meditations to help you focus on …

  • the Person and Work of Jesus
  • all of the gifts that only Jesus can give
  • Christ FOR us, IN us, THROUGH us, WITH us

The headings below link to the original posts.

40 Day Encounter with Christ (Lent 2016)

Day One:  He Knows My Family Tree
Day Two:  He Knows My Questions
Day Three:  He Knows My Emotions
Day Four:  He Knows My Dreams

Sabbath Day of Provision

Day Five:  He Knows My Confusion
Day Six:  He Knows My Terror
Day Seven:  He Knows My Panic
Day Eight: He Knows My Plea
Day Nine:  He Knows My Helplessness
Day Ten:  He Knows My Loss

Sabbath Day of Peace

Day Eleven:  He Knows My Unbelief
Day Twelve:  He Knows My Faith
Day Thirteen: He Knows My Desire to be First
Day Fourteen: He Knows My Reluctance to Love
Day Fifteen: He Knows My Rebellion
Day Sixteen:  He Knows My Refusal to Forgive

Sabbath Day of Rest

Day Seventeen:  He Knows My Shame
Day Eighteen:  He Knows My Determination
Day Nineteen:  He Knows My Hunger
Day Twenty:  He Knows My Darkness
Day Twenty-One:  He Knows My Demons
Day Twenty-Two:  He Knows My Desperation

Sabbath Day of Safety

Day Twenty-Three:  He Knows My Needs
Day Twenty-Four:  He Knows My Hypocrisy
Day Twenty-Five:  He Knows My Anxiety
Day Twenty-Six:  He Knows My Separation
Day Twenty-Seven:  He Knows My Tendency to Play It Safe
Day Twenty-Eight:  He Knows My Worship

Sabbath Day of Celebration

Day Twenty-Nine:  He Knows My Plotting
Day Thirty:  He Knows My Betrayal
Day Thirty-One:  He Knows My Denial
Day Thirty-Two:  He Knows My Remorse
Day Thirty-Three:  He Knows My Neutrality
Day Thirty-Four:  He Knows My Insults

Sabbath Day of Love

Day Thirty-Five:  He Knows My Eleventh Hour Request
Day Thirty-Six:  He Knows My Grief
Day Thirty-Seven:  He Knows My Slowness to Believe
Day Thirty-Eight:  He Knows My Doubt
Day Thirty-Nine:  He Knows My Need for Restoration
Day Forty:  He Knows My Co-Mission

Sabbath Day of Eternal Dwelling

40 Day Journey with Christ (2014)


Day One:  The Tempted Christ
Day Two:  The Calling Christ
Day Three:  The Healing Christ
Day Four:  The Blessing Christ

Sabbath Day of Rest

Day Five:  The Sending Christ
Day Six:  The Teaching Christ
Day Seven:  The Transfigured Christ
Day Eight:  The Solitary Christ
Day Nine:  The Calming Christ
Day Ten:  The Miraculous Christ

Sabbath Day of Remembrance

Day Eleven:  The Compassionate Christ
Day Twelve:  The Determined Christ
Day Thirteen:  The Prophetic Christ
Day Fourteen:  The Rejected Christ
Day Fifteen:  The Willing Christ
Day Sixteen:  The Forgiving Christ

Sabbath Day of Repentance

Day Seventeen:  The Comforting Christ
Day Eighteen:  The Longing Christ
Day Nineteen:  The Inviting Christ
Day Twenty:  The Rejoicing Christ
Day Twenty-One:  The Tender Christ
Day Twenty-Two:  The Attentive Christ

Sabbath Day of Response

Day Twenty-Three:  The Incarnate Christ
Day Twenty-Four:  The Sacrificial Christ
Day Twenty-Five:  The Passionate Christ
Day Twenty-Six:  The Loving Christ
Day Twenty-Seven:  The Accepting Christ
Day Twenty-Eight:  The Grieving Christ

Sabbath Day of Reflection

Day Twenty-Nine:  The Promising Christ
Day Thirty:  The Commanding Christ 
Day Thirty-One:  The Anointed Christ
Day Thirty-Two:  The Triumphant Christ
Day Thirty-Three:  The Serving Christ
Day Thirty-Four:  The Interceding Christ

Sabbath Day of Reception

Day Thirty-Five:  The Pleading Christ
Day Thirty-Six:  The Betrayed Christ
Day Thirty-Seven:  The Sentenced Christ
Day Thirty-Eight:  The Crucified Christ
Day Thirty-Nine:  The Dying Christ
Day Forty:  The Resurrected Christ

Sabbath Day of Resurrection

All of the gifts that only Jesus can give to you,