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"We are beggars; this is true." (Martin Luther)

Stuff About Me

My seven year old son wrote the following.

Admittedly, the title is a bit over the top, but I think you’d agree that it feels good to know that someone in this world thinks you’re a bit above average.

If you can get past the hype, you’ll find that he got the basic details right.

My Amazing Dad

Imagine growing up in a country half way around the world. Well that’s what my dad did. He lived on the island of Papua New Guinea when he was a little boy.

His parents were missionaries to the Ipili people. My dad’s name is Paul Arndt. He had lots of amazing adventures in New Guinea.

My dad knew he wanted to be a pastor just like his dad when he grew up. My dad went to seminary and became a Lutheran pastor in 1991.

His job is important. He visits sick people in the hospital. My dad is a good pastor. He helps the people in our church and community.

My dad also likes to write. He has written two books. He also went to Hollywood to learn about screenwriting. These are just a few things that make my dad amazing.

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