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"We are beggars; this is true." (Martin Luther)

Full List of Meditations (Lent 2014 and 2016)

Easter Greetings!

Why do you look for the living among the dead?

He is not here! He has risen! Just as He said!

He has risen indeed!

In the crucifixion, Jesus assumed the debt of our sin.

In His death, He paid the penalty.

And the empty tomb is our resurrection receipt, the Father’s acceptance of His Son’s payment and redemptive proof that sin’s ledger has been wiped clean.

And though sin, death and the Devil may raise their voice, we have the promise that they’ll never have the last word. The Devil’s head will forever be under the Gospel boot and, we, with the resurrected Jesus, tread triumphantly over and through Satan’s territory.

He’s alive! He holds the keys of death and Hades! And He walks with us beyond these forty days!

All of the gifts that only Jesus can give to you,


Full List of Meditations

If you’d like to revisit some of the meditations, here’s a current list from our 40 Day Encounter with Christ (Lent 2016) as well as the meditations from the 40 Day Journey with Christ (2014).

I pray that the Holy Spirit (the Real Teacher) will use these meditations to help you focus on …

  • the Person and Work of Jesus
  • all of the gifts that only Jesus can give
  • Christ FOR us, IN us, THROUGH us, WITH us

The headings below are linked to the original posts.

40 Day Encounter with Christ (Lent 2016)

Day One:  He Knows My Family Tree
Day Two:  He Knows My Questions
Day Three:  He Knows My Emotions
Day Four:  He Knows My Dreams

Sabbath Day of Provision

Day Five:  He Knows My Confusion
Day Six:  He Knows My Terror
Day Seven:  He Knows My Panic
Day Eight: He Knows My Plea
Day Nine:  He Knows My Helplessness
Day Ten:  He Knows My Loss

Sabbath Day of Peace

Day Eleven:  He Knows My Unbelief
Day Twelve:  He Knows My Faith
Day Thirteen: He Knows My Desire to be First
Day Fourteen: He Knows My Reluctance to Love
Day Fifteen: He Knows My Rebellion
Day Sixteen:  He Knows My Refusal to Forgive

Sabbath Day of Rest

Day Seventeen:  He Knows My Shame
Day Eighteen:  He Knows My Determination
Day Nineteen:  He Knows My Hunger
Day Twenty:  He Knows My Darkness
Day Twenty-One:  He Knows My Demons
Day Twenty-Two:  He Knows My Desperation

Sabbath Day of Safety

Day Twenty-Three:  He Knows My Needs
Day Twenty-Four:  He Knows My Hypocrisy
Day Twenty-Five:  He Knows My Anxiety
Day Twenty-Six:  He Knows My Separation
Day Twenty-Seven:  He Knows My Tendency to Play It Safe
Day Twenty-Eight:  He Knows My Worship

Sabbath Day of Celebration

Day Twenty-Nine:  He Knows My Plotting
Day Thirty:  He Knows My Betrayal
Day Thirty-One:  He Knows My Denial
Day Thirty-Two:  He Knows My Remorse
Day Thirty-Three:  He Knows My Neutrality
Day Thirty-Four:  He Knows My Insults

Sabbath Day of Love

Day Thirty-Five:  He Knows My Eleventh Hour Request
Day Thirty-Six:  He Knows My Grief
Day Thirty-Seven:  He Knows My Slowness to Believe
Day Thirty-Eight:  He Knows My Doubt
Day Thirty-Nine:  He Knows My Need for Restoration
Day Forty:  He Knows My Co-Mission

Sabbath Day of Eternal Dwelling

40 Day Journey with Christ (2014)


Day One:  The Tempted Christ
Day Two:  The Calling Christ
Day Three:  The Healing Christ
Day Four:  The Blessing Christ

Sabbath Day of Rest

Day Five:  The Sending Christ
Day Six:  The Teaching Christ
Day Seven:  The Transfigured Christ
Day Eight:  The Solitary Christ
Day Nine:  The Calming Christ
Day Ten:  The Miraculous Christ

Sabbath Day of Remembrance

Day Eleven:  The Compassionate Christ
Day Twelve:  The Determined Christ
Day Thirteen:  The Prophetic Christ
Day Fourteen:  The Rejected Christ
Day Fifteen:  The Willing Christ
Day Sixteen:  The Forgiving Christ

Sabbath Day of Repentance

Day Seventeen:  The Comforting Christ
Day Eighteen:  The Longing Christ
Day Nineteen:  The Inviting Christ
Day Twenty:  The Rejoicing Christ
Day Twenty-One:  The Tender Christ
Day Twenty-Two:  The Attentive Christ

Sabbath Day of Response

Day Twenty-Three:  The Incarnate Christ
Day Twenty-Four:  The Sacrificial Christ
Day Twenty-Five:  The Passionate Christ
Day Twenty-Six:  The Loving Christ
Day Twenty-Seven:  The Accepting Christ
Day Twenty-Eight:  The Grieving Christ

Sabbath Day of Reflection

Day Twenty-Nine:  The Promising Christ
Day Thirty:  The Commanding Christ 
Day Thirty-One:  The Anointed Christ
Day Thirty-Two:  The Triumphant Christ
Day Thirty-Three:  The Serving Christ
Day Thirty-Four:  The Interceding Christ

Sabbath Day of Reception

Day Thirty-Five:  The Pleading Christ
Day Thirty-Six:  The Betrayed Christ
Day Thirty-Seven:  The Sentenced Christ
Day Thirty-Eight:  The Crucified Christ
Day Thirty-Nine:  The Dying Christ
Day Forty:  The Resurrected Christ

Sabbath Day of Resurrection

All of the gifts that only Jesus can give to you,



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