The Receptive Life

"We are beggars; this is true." (Martin Luther)

The Receptive Life ScreenCast

ScreenCast 1:  Introduction

Here’s a collection of three ScreenCast sessions on “The Receptive Life”. Presentation slides, additional resources and links are provided beneath each ScreenCast.

 Here’s some of the resources I mentioned in the ScreenCast:

ScreenCast 2: A Guided Tour

Welcome to the second ScreenCast of the Receptive Life.

In this episode I’ll take you on a guided tour of the spiritual territory we’re about travel. I’ll walk you through the 12 different outposts/stations and show you how the Psalm 119 Prayer Cycle will guide us on our way.

Here’s some of the resources I mentioned in the ScreenCast:

ScreenCast 3:  Questions and Answers

Welcome to the third Receptive Life ScreenCast. In this episode I’ll answer some of your questions about our upcoming journey.

Here’s a list of the questions. I’ve also noted the time signature for each question just in case you wanted to skip around in the ScreenCast.

  • (00:31)  I’m having difficulty seeing, what I call, the vision. I get that I have joined you on a journey with a map and equipping along the way. But I don’t see the destination and what it will look like when we arrive. How will my life be different, what will I be doing differently?
  • (07:49)  How is this any different from what I already do in my own personal devotional time (reading the Bible, prayer time etc.)?
  • (10:54)  This all looks very overwhelming. So how do you suggest we begin?
  • (12:39)  How long does it take to do the Psalm 119 Prayer Cycle?
  • (17:49)  Any suggestions on how to keep your heart focused on the right ladder … not falling into the trap of performance?
  • (20:30)  With all of the memorization, how do you keep the Psalm 119 Cycle from becoming something you do by rote and sheer mindless repetition?

Resources for the ScreenCast and books referenced:

Two Day Retreat

During this retreat, you’ll experience a grace-centered process of spiritual formation.

In our time together, you’ll receive a detailed explanation of The Psalm 119 Prayer Cycle as well as encouragement, skills and the tools that will help you implement the spiritual disciplines into everyday life.

A list of resources, media references and playlist can be found here.

The specifics dates and times of the next retreat are currently in process. I’ll keep you up to date.

A sample schedule and some specifics follow.

Days and Times:

Friday from 6 pm – 9 pm

Saturday from 8 am – 5 pm


  • Registration is $30 and includes the following:  all materials, snacks at all breaks and box lunch.


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